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Society has many ideas and assumptions about money, but the truth just might surprise you. Consider assumption vs. reality in these four areas to help make sure your financial life remains empowered and well-informed: … (read more…)

The holidays may not seem like the best time in the world to be thinking about budgets. However, it is possible to get through the holidays without completely going broke. Here are a few tips to help you develop and stay on a holiday budget:

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When the school year hits its stride for the kids and thoughts of holiday shopping start to set in, some of us begin to wonder if the budget will allow for the Christmas we'd like to have this year. Consider these five tips for saving money this winter:

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Spending money on clothes can get quite expensive. Fortunately, though, petite women tend to get the better end of the stick because they have the option to shop for clothes within the children’s department of stores, and these clothes cost less than junior’s and women’s clothes.
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